With that said, I wish you All the Best!

The Leaders' Ladder

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Leadership Blueprint Academy . . . 52-Week eCourse For Leaders At All Levels

Have you ever felt this way?

You just get promoted (hooray!). You are so charged up and rearing to go.
"I will prove to them that I deserve this promotion," is your battlecry.
Suddenly, you realized that there's a lot to do, and you don't even
know how to do it . . . on your own.

Welcome to the world of management! But first you must understand that . . .
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Fellow Leader,

There are very few jobs as challenging yet, at the same time, as interesting and rewarding as that of supervising people. The manager's position requires a combination of intelligence, patience, common sense, good humor and a fundamental understanding of how to work with people. While some believe that they possess the charisma of a natural leader, the fact cannot be denied - these traits need to be developed, over time.

How does one gain the combination of knowledge and skills that means success as a manager or supervisor? Traditionally, there has been only one way - trial-and-error experience.

Now, there is a consensus that the skills to be an effective supervisor of people can be gained in a variety of ways. Each year, thousands of new and experienced supervisors and managers speed up the growth of their people management abilities by attending seminars and workshops, reading books, listening to audio-tapes on supervisory topics and reading magazines and newsletters on the subject.
This 52-week leadership eCourse is just that!
It is a comprehensive course for recently appointed supervisors and managers,
as well as seasoned supervisors and managers who wish to acquire an
in-depth understanding of the nature and scope of the
leadership position and its responsibilities -
so as to better prepare themselves for developing the specific
knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to make their efforts productive!
Whether you are newly promoted to your supervisory responsibilities or are bringing years of experience to a new organization, the first few weeks offer a unique opportunity and a challenge to establish yourself. However, these few weeks can become months and even years to some - especially those who are suffered to sink or swim.
What Could Happen During These First Few Weeks?
Recently promoted and ready to dive into his new career assignment as supervisor, Peter Williams held his first roll call. As he made the announcements for the day, several of his former peers made fun of him from the rear of the room.  This was frustrating and a bit annoying, but he ignored them.

Prior to Peter’s promotion, he had enjoyed an amiable relationship with members of his team and with other supervisors. Now that he has been moved into a new role, he is a bit anxious about dealing with these same people and is unsure how he should approach them. It seems that even some of his new peers doubt his abilities.

Why do you think Peter’s former peers are acting in the manner described? How can Peter most effectively settle into his new relationship roles with his former peers? With his new peers? What are some possible strategies that Peter can use to deal effectively with his former peers without alienating them?
This happened to me, and I'm sure it also does to you. Such issues and more are the major focus of this eCourse, dealing with real-life scenarios with practical, down-to-earth solutions to jumpstart your leadership capabilities.
Let's Tour the Leadership Maze, and . . .
Let Me Be Your Tour-Guide!
"But I don't need a tour-guide," you say. It's not a question of whether you'll learn the skills of supervision. I have no doubt about it, you will. It's just a matter of time, and it could be a lifetime. Can you afford to spend that long? Can you wait, and see others get ahead of you? Can you take things in stride, content in knowing that "in due time" you will become? I don't think so.
These are just some of the many benefits you will get when you enroll in the 52-week Leadership Blueprint Academy!
Hi Sir,

Thank you for all your valuable inputs during our
two-days training on Basic Supervision.

I have attended a lot of seminars but this was the
first time I have encountered a Resource Speaker
who dwelt more on actual situations in a working

Retention of lessons learned was higher compared
to those who dwelt more on theories.

Jake (my husband) and I learned a lot from you today. Rest assured, all things learned from you will not be put into waste.

Thanks in advance for my book. It's been a while that I have been eyeing it. I have been praying to have it for
FREE. And today, was the fulfillment of that prayer. You really made me very, very happy.

THANKS to YOU and may your tribe increase!

Till we meet again.

Ivy, Celestica
Specifically, What Do You Learn From This eCourse?

Basically, you will receive weekly lessons in bite-size capsules, with application guide and assignments at the end of every lesson. And you can only maximize the benefits of this program if you diligently work on the assignments. You will also receive a surprise BONUS every 12 weeks, and a Grand Bonus as my graduation gift to you upon completing the course!

Below are some of the weekly lessons outlined:

01 - Blueprint for Leadership Development!

Understanding Supervisory Work
02 - Managing People at Work
03 - Managing Individual and Organizational Goals
04 - Overview of the Four Basic Management Functions
05 - The Functions of Leading and Managing
06 - Requisite Supervisory Skills

Introduction to Supervision
07 - Motivating People at Work
08 - Developing Interpersonal Communication
09 - Understanding and Resolving Conflict
10 - Anticipating Leadership Expectations
11 - Learning Appropriate Leadership Styles
12 - Stepping Up To Leadership Position


Week 13 - 24: Basic Supervision . . .

Week 25 - 36: Mid-Management and Practical Supervision . . .

Week 37 - 48: Advanced Program . . .

Leadership In Motion
49 - Strategic Planning and Visioning
50 - Creating a Culture of Customer Orientation
51 - Get.Job - Outplacement Preparation
52 - Getting
Promotable NOW!


NOTE: Complete curriculum outline is provided in the first lesson!

OK, But How Much Is the Investment?

This 52-week eCourse, Leadership Blueprint Academy, is offered at a super-low investment . . . my way of giving back for all the good things the universe has given me. Aside from that, I have realized long time ago that my mission in life is to develop other leaders, and I am now fulfilling that mission. My intention is to make this program super-affordable that you will find no excuse not to enroll . . . for ONLY $17 per month. But I'm setting a cap of 1,000 enrollees only, after which I will decide whether to stop the program or raise the fees.

I have a confession to make . . .

I've been doing leadership development programs for more than 20 years, charging between $1,000 - 1,500 (net) per session for a maximum of 25 participants, in-house (this is the most reasonable amount I charge my clients in my country). When you add the cost of venue, logistics and other incidental expenses like meals and snacks at the account of the sponsoring organization, the amount would easily double. And by the way, the attendees are on "company time" . . . these costs are somewhat ignored.

I'm telling this not to impress you but as a point of comparison for you to appreciate the very low investment required.

And for your investment, here's what you will get:
Good evening! This is Francis Gesta, one of the
participants of your recently concluded (leadership
course).  I learned a truckload of lessons from our it.

My life perspective has undergone a little shift now.
I have seen a clearer path that, if pursued, could
bring me to places.

Thank you for imparting to us these valuable life

Thank you very much. God Bless!


Francis Anthony Gesta, IT Supervisor

A few months after, Francis emailed me that he is now a full-fledge department manager! One proud mentor here ;) . . .
I've been there, my friend. My only regret is, nobody offered to be my tour-guide, so I must travel alone. I've jumped into potholes, stuck in cracks, and bumped against walls. But I made it - after a decade and a half, only to learn that I've barely scratched the surface. So much to learn, so little time.

Think about it. If only you can reduce what it takes to learn by half, will you pay the price? I bet you would. But what if you will learn what took me 1,196 weeks in only 52? (Do I need to ask?)

Think about all the benefits that can be gained from attending this 52-week eCourse. If you're like most people, you can probably come up with quite a few. Let's take a look at some of those benefits:
Flatten Your Learning Curve Tremendously. "Fools don't learn from their own mistakes. Ordinary men learn from their own mistakes. Wise men learn from the mistakes of others." In this eCourse you will learn from the mistakes of so many supervisors and managers ahead of you, including mine. That makes you a wise person!

Create Positive Impression In 30 Days Or Less. Who wouldn't want to? Your employers would be happy to monitor your performance, and you would be confident in your commitments. As you hear the heart-warming comments of your boss, peers and subordinates, you will remember . . .

Be the Person You Are Expected To Become. After being promoted, a lot of managers still think, talk, and act like a rank and file - and they become "overpaid ranks."  As a leader, you are expected to produce results through others. In this eCourse, you will learn effective qualities of an exceptional leader. There's a saying that goes, "If you want to become King, you should think like one, talk like one, and act like one." The same is true with leadership. The question is; do you know what to think, what to talk, and how to act to become one? Well . . . let's learn.
Communicate for Results. During my time as supervisor, I just do what I think is right. Most often, my boss tells me, "Let me know what's going on. No surprises." But this I don't understand. On the other end, people down the line tells me, "We understand, if you only let us." But this, too, I don't understand. It took me a long time to learn that it's all about communication. Now I understand. During this eCourse, you will begin to understand the importance of effective communication, and how to use it to obtain desired results.

Discipline Positively. Disciplining (which may lead to firing) is the most difficult function of a manager or supervisor. Because of this, managers and supervisors almost always pass the disciplining function on to HR, which worsens the situation instead. The main reason is not because managers don't like to do it (well, for some maybe) but because they're not confident that they know how to do it. This eCourse deals with the issue of employee discipline, culled from actual experiences of leaders ahead of you - how they do it, why it's the wrong way to do it, and the right way it should be done. Caution: In some of my leadership training in the past, some leaders are reported to have become "trigger-happy," setting track records of employee discipline. Well, talk about learning . . .

And so much more . . .
"In the last analysis, management is practice. Its essence is not knowing but doing.
Its test is not logic but results. Its only authority is performance!"
I'm not sure if you will ever find this type of arrangement elsewhere. But you must hurry and ENROLL NOW! Your investment is just a drop-in-the-bucket when you think of the benefits you would gain . . .

If you think it's expensive, think of the high costs of waiting, trial and error, and the pain of experiencing failure - because you do not know how to manage your people well. This would eventually lead to disappointments, unmet expectations, and perhaps the realization that things could have been better, only if . . .

Don't allow these things to happen. Equip yourself, or your leaders, to be the best manager or supervisor in your company, by enrolling in the 52-week eCourse - the Leadership Blueprint Academy!
Enroll NOW And Be An Exceptional Leader!
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Learning provides an individual with the potential to perform better.
Performance is the evidence that the potential has been realized!
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Weekly short and easy to digest, bite-size learning lesson for you to study and immediately put into application - you have a week to do this for every lesson.
Includes application guide and assignments at the end of every lesson - to maximize learning, work on the assignments as they come.
Progressively build your leadership skill as you go - the program is arranged in such a way that even complete beginners will find it simple and enjoyable, building upon previous lessons and, without knowing it, becoming a seasoned leader in no time.
Forces you to succeed by following a proven framework that even veteran leaders would find practical and engaging - all lessons are distilled from years of theory and experience, providing serious learners the best of both worlds.
The program is deliberately crafted to help learners develop real, measurable progress!